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Bundle: 3 Strop Polishing Waxes + Lapping Fluid

Finish that job off in style!


Whats Included:
This Promotional Bundle Saver contains:
1 x Orange 1800# Wax – 2.1oz (60g)
1 x White 2500# Wax – 2.1oz (60g)
1 x Blue 5000# Wax – 2.1oz (60g)
1 x Fully Synthetic Lapping Fluid – 1oz (30ml)

MPOWER’s Strop Polishing Wax
Use in any application where a traditional Polishing Wax is required.
Be it on a Bench mounted buffing wheel when re-polishing in the restoration of old tools or for use with a Dremmel and a Cotton Buff for intricate polishing of detailed jewellery.
But in the main the 3 Abrasive grades we offer  – 1800# – 2500# and 5000# are designed for use with harder materials such as Tool Steel, High Speed Steel, Stainless steel and Silver. As for the task, for us it’s all about what the wax can do when strop polishing newly ground chisels, Plane Irons and knives.
And a stellar finish when you start using it!

The Synthetic Solution:
MPOWER’s Diamond Stone Lapping Fluid is, as with all its products – unique.
It’s the worlds first Fully Synthetic Lapping fluid with the same characteristics and great performance you’d expect from any MPOWER product.

100% FREE from:
Mineral Oil,
And Phenol

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