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“Flat Lying Trammel Set *”

Trammel points are a great tool for marking circles of all sizes but they normally have one flaw. In order to ensure that the circle is a perfect radius you really have to focus on keeping the points perpendicular to the surface that you are marking. The Flat Lying Trammel Set (FLTS) has remedied this problem. As the name suggests, the FLTS solves the problem of keeping points upright by laying them down. This configuration allows the user to create perfect circles without having to fuss over the tool’s position.

The FLTS has two heads: one that has a point to place in the center of the circle and the other to hold the included pencil. The two heads can mount on a steel ruler of any length to mark circles of almost any size. The FLTS also comes with a holder that receives a snap blade to cut circles in materials like veneer.

I found that the FLTS worked perfectly for marking circles and curves on paper and wood alike. The included blade holder did a great job at cutting paper and card, which is ideal for making patterns. A light hand is needed when cutting veneer to prevent it from ripping, however I got excellent results when I placed veneer tape on the cut line to support the cut.