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Mega Bundle: CRB7 + All Accessories

The Full CRB7 Kit – Inc New Storage Case – Save a Bundle


1 x CRB7 Universal Combination Router Base Mk3
1 x 
CRB7 Mortise Hinge Lock & Flute Jig
Includes 1 x Edge Guide Side Fence
1 x CRB7 Edging & Dowel Trim Kit
1 x CRB7 Carry Case


The CRB7 Combination Router Base is no ordinary Router Jig. It’s a versatile system that offers excellent control through a multitude of routing operations. The offset, cranked rod design, allows the CRB7 to quickly adjust and fit over 650 models of router. Micro adjustment makes positioning router bit easy with a precise degree of accuracy so you can use an undersized bit to creep up to your desired point incrementally, especially useful when mortising or cutting a dado. Performing 7 functions straight out of the box with an every growing number of accessories, the CRB7 Routing System is fast becoming one of our most popular tools… More Info

Combine CRB7 with the MHLF accessory and the CRB enters an entirely new level of machining accuracy; never before achieved with a hand held power-tool.The MHLF is a pair of micro adjustable precision machined jaws; these sit either side of the work piece re-establishing a safer level of surface contact between router and work piece. Allowing accurate Mortises or Hinge and Lock Rebates or flutes to be machined… More Info

The problems of flush trimming hardwood, Iron-on lippings and dowel heads are well documented. Many techniques have been developed and even specialized tools manufactured to try to make this tricky task easier. The CRB7 Edge Trim Kit might just be the simplest and quickest solution to achieving a beautiful fault free finish. Fitted in seconds and simple to set up. Flat-panel flushing tasks can be performed with accurate consistency when making a one-off piece of furniture to batch production manufacture…. More Info

With the addition of the new CRB7 Edge Guide Side Fence Kit, the CRB7 gains yet another feature bringing its impressive total to 8 key functions.
The CRB7 Edge Guide Side Fence Kit is simpler to set up than a traditional edge guide. It has a greater depth of range so that grooves and dados are possible to route up to 7.1/2″ in from the board edge. The new edge guide can be fitted in 3 different locations on the CRB’s base plate for a wide variety of tasks and with fixing points in the face of the edge guide, a protective facepiece can be fitted for protection whilst edge molding…  More Info

Tailored Protection when on the move or stored at your workshop.


1. Offset Baseplate.
2. Small Circle Compass.
3. Anti Tilt Support.
4. Adjustable Mortising.
5. Large Circle Compass.
6. False Panel Rebate Copier.
7. Adjustable Clamp Guide.

1. Work mortise length with uninterrupted “Sight lines”.
2. Cut centred and off centred mortises.
3. Cut hinge and lock rebates.
4. Repeat cut sets of flutes.
5. Edge molding Parallel to edge groove or channelling.

1. Creating a stable router platform.
2. Maintaining a consistent cutter height.
3. Increase routing pass speed with the Tracer Racer.


• Multifunctional
• Indexed Micro Adjuster
• Quick Set-Up
• Quick Change Accessories
• 2″ Bakelite Ball Handle
• Two-Part Anti Tilt Leg
• Pro-Grade Build
• Fast Copy Tracer Racer
• Core Stability
• Heavy Duty Blunted Jaws
• On Board Sight Line Markers
• Massive Range
• MPOWER Guarantee


This bundle contains all CRB7 Accessories



A Drillings that allow the CRB7’s guide rods to pass all the way through the routers base.

B At least 1x winged pinch bolt on each CRB rod.

Designer’s favorite routers to use: DeWalt 6182 or Bosch 1617EVSPK.    On a budget: WEN RT6033

Compatibility quick search.
Enter your router’s brand name to search the list.

AEG MF1400KE yes
AEG OF450S yes
AEG OF500S yes
AEG OF2050E yes
AEG OFE710 yes
AEG OFS50 yes
Alpha Tools AOF1100E yes
Anaconda M1R-KW02-12 (US) yes
Atlas Copco OFS720 yes
Atlas Copco OFS1000 yes
Atlas Copco OFSE850 yes
Atlas Copco OFSE2000 yes
Axer JA23 yes
Axminster White AW127R yes
Axminster White AW635R yes
Berlan BOF1500E yes
Black & Decker 2720 (US) yes
Black & Decker 3315 (USA) yes
Black & Decker 6200 Quantum (US) yes
Black & Decker 7600 (USA) yes
Black & Decker 7604 (US) yes
Black & Decker 7610 (US) yes
Black & Decker 7612 (US) yes
Black & Decker 7613 (US) yes
Black & Decker 7614 (US) yes
Black & Decker 7615 (US) yes
Black & Decker BD66 yes
Black & Decker BD780(E) yes
Black & Decker DN66 yes
Black & Decker DN67 yes
Black & Decker Firestorm FS1000RP yes
Black & Decker Firestorm FS1200RP yes
Black & Decker HD1250 yes
Black & Decker KW779 yes
Black & Decker KW780(E) yes
Black & Decker KW800(E) yes
Black & Decker KW850ET yes
Black & Decker KW900E yes
Black & Decker RP200 (US) yes
Black & Decker RP250 yes
Black & Decker RP300 (US) yes
Black & Decker RP400K (US) yes
Black & Decker RP550-CA (CA) yes
Black & Decker SR100 yes
Black & Decker TS100 (US) yes
Black & Decker XTW1500EKA yes
Blackspur ER100 yes
Blaukraft BKOF1500 yes
Bosch 1600 (US) yes
Bosch 1601 (US) yes
Bosch 1602 (US) yes
Bosch 1604 (US) yes
Bosch 1606 (US) yes
Bosch 1608 (US) yes
Bosch 1609 (US) yes
Bosch 1611 (US) yes
Bosch 1613(EVS) (US) yes
Bosch 1614(EVS) (US) yes
Bosch 1615(EVS) (US) yes
Bosch 1617(EVS) (US) yes
Bosch 1618(EVS) (US) yes
Bosch 1619EVS (US) yes
Bosch 16181 (US) yes
Bosch 90300 (US) yes
Bosch GKF600 yes
Bosch GMF1400CE yes
Bosch GMF1600CE yes
Bosch GOF900A(CE) yes
Bosch GOF900A(E) >2003 yes
Bosch GOF1250CE yes
Bosch GOF1300ACE yes
Bosch GOF1400CE yes
Bosch GOF1600A yes
Bosch GOF1600CE yes
Bosch GOF1700ACE yes
Bosch GOF2000CE yes
Bosch MRP23EVS yes
Bosch POF50 yes
Bosch POF52 yes
Bosch POF400A yes
Bosch POF500A yes
Bosch POF600ACE yes
Bosch POF1100ACE (AE) yes
Bosch POF1200AE yes
Bosch POF1300ACE yes
Bosch POF1400ACE yes
Bosch POF 800ACE yes
Bosch PR10E Colt (US) yes
Brico Bravo RTD900CG yes
Britech BT850EF yes
Britech EOF850 yes
Bruder Mannesmann 92650 yes
Bruder Mannesmann 93650 yes
Buffalo Tools 1 HP (US) yes
C.M.T. China CMT-10053 yes
Cal-Hawk CZER 2HP yes
Casals CT2200VCE yes
Casals CT3000VCE yes
Casals FC14 yes
Casals FT750 yes
Casals FT1000E yes
Casals FT1500EM yes
Casals FT2000VCE yes
Casals VF1050EM yes
CEPT 67119 yes
Challenge 1020W yes
Challenge 1200W yes
Challenge MR3364 yes
Challenge Xtreme (Argos) 1200W yes
Challenge Xtreme (Argos) 1500W new yes
Challenge Xtreme (Argos) MR5757 yes
Challenge Xtreme (Argos) PR1500L yes
Champion (Focus) CPR850 yes
Champion (Focus) CR1010 yes
Charnwood P200 yes
Charnwood P220 yes
Chicago 1 3/4HP (US) yes
Chicago 2.5HP yes
Chicago 2HP (US) yes
Chicago 3HP (US) yes
Chicago 344 (US) yes
Chicago 67119 (USA) yes
Clarke Contractor CR2 yes
Clarke CT4018 (US) yes
Clarke Power Master CR1 yes
CMT CMT9 yes
Cotech 18-3032 yes
Cotech 18-3071 yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.11583 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17361 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17380 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17381 (US) no
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17400 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17470 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17471 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17472 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17473 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17480 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17492 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17500 Millenium (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17504 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17505 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17506 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17507 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17508 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17509 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17510 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17511 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17513 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17514 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17515 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17517 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17533 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17534 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17540 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17541 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17542 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17543 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17551 (EZ) (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17560 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17574 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17575 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.17579 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.25051 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.25056 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.25060 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.26834 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.26835 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.27500 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.27504 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.27505 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.27506 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.27508 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.27510 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.27511 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.27512 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.28084 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.28190 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.28212 (US) yes
Craftsman (Sears) 315.69210 (US) yes
Cylia Boutik CR1100-CB-1 yes
DB 850W (US) yes
Dewalt D26200 yes
Dewalt D26203 yes
Dewalt D26204K yes
Dewalt D26670 (US) yes
Dewalt DC550 (AUS) yes
Dewalt DW609 yes
Dewalt DW610 (US) yes
Dewalt DW613 yes
Dewalt DW614 yes
Dewalt DW615 yes
Dewalt DW616 (US) yes
Dewalt DW618 (US)...Pls email for more info yes
Dewalt DW618PK yes
Dewalt DW620 yes
Dewalt DW621 yes
Dewalt DW621 (US) yes
Dewalt DW622 yes
Dewalt DW624 yes
Dewalt DW625EK yes
Dewalt DW626 yes
Dewalt DW629 yes
Dewalt DW670 yes
Dewalt DW673 yes
Dewalt DW679 yes
Dewalt DWE6005 yes
Dewalt DWP611 yes
Diablo DB2000E yes
Direct Power BP1020E yes
Direct Power DPB211ROU yes
Direct Power PR1020E yes
Direct Power TP1200RT yes
DIY ER005 yes
Dotco 10T4309-62 yes
Draper MR1350K yes
Draper PR1200V yes
Draper PT1200V yes
Draper PT1500VK yes
Draper R850V yes
Draper R1900V yes
Draper Redline 77111 yes
Drill Master 68341 yes
Dyco PR13 (AUS) yes
EDM Wi 2 1/2 HP (US) yes
Einhell Bavaria BOF850E yes
Einhell BOF700 yes
Einhell BOF850E yes
Einhell BOF1050E yes
Einhell BOF1400E yes
Einhell BT-RO1200E yes
Einhell EOF850SP yes
Einhell EOF1200 yes
Einhell GLOBAL OF-G1100E yes
Einhell RT-RO55 yes
Elim Tecknic DF1050-12CB yes
Elmos ERW13E yes
Elmos ERW18E yes
Elmos ERW850 yes
Energer ENB468ROU yes
Erbauer ERB040ROU yes
Erbauer ERB210C yes
Erbauer ERB380ROU yes
Erbauer ERB381ROU yes
Erbauer ERBRT3 yes
Eurotec ER yes
Eurotec ER204 yes
Eurotec ER214 (8MM) yes
Eurotec ER214 (12MM) yes
Faithfull FPP R2000E yes
Falcon-Tech FTER0810 yes
Falcon-Tech FTER0817 yes
Falcon-Tech FTER204 yes
Falcon-Tech FTER1217 yes
Famato 1020W yes
Fein RT1800 (US) yes
Felisatti R346EC yes
Felisatti R400 yes
Felisatti RE300EC yes
Felisatti RF30/430 yes
Felisatti RF30/750 yes
Felisatti RF55/1000E yes
Felisatti RF62/1500VE yes
Felisatti RF62/2200VE yes
Felisatti RF67/2200VE yes
Felisatti TP246(E) yes
Ferm EBF-1200 yes
Ferm FBF-6E yes
Ferm FBF-8E yes
Ferm FBF-1050E yes
Ferm FBF-1200 yes
Ferm FDBF-1300 yes
Ferm FPF-850E yes
Ferm PRM1015 yes
Festo OF900E yes
Festo OF1000E yes
Festo OF2000E yes
Festool MFK700EQ no
Festool OF1010EBC yes
Festool OF1400E no
Festool OF2200EB yes
Flex OFT2926VV yes
Flex OFT3121VV yes
Fox F7520 yes
Fox F7530V yes
Freud FT750 (US) yes
Freud FT850E yes
Freud FT1000(E) yes
Freud FT1000E (US) yes
Freud FT1700VCEK (US) yes
Freud FT1702VCEK (US) yes
Freud FT2000(E) yes
Freud FT2000E (US) yes
Freud FT2200E yes
Freud FT3000VCE yes
Giordanshop 1020W yes
GMC ABTR1500 yes
GMC MAG1500R yes
GMC MAG2050R yes
GMC MX1050K yes
GMC NLER1020 yes
GMC R1020 yes
GMC R1200 yes
GMC R1250 yes
Greapo PR800E yes
Greapo PR850E yes
Greapo PR1200CE yes
Greapo PR2000 yes
Grizzly ERS0814 yes
Grizzly Industrial H2895 (US) yes
Grizzly Industrial H7790 (US) yes
Grizzly Industrial H7791 (US) yes
Haffner BF304 yes
Haffner U100 yes
Haffner UH45S yes
Handy Toughtest M1R-DQ03-12 (US) yes
Handy Toughtest QD6802R (USA) yes
Haussmann TD8323 yes
Hitachi FM8 yes
Hitachi KM12VC yes
Hitachi M6SB yes
Hitachi M8(V) yes
Hitachi M8V2 yes
Hitachi M12SA yes
Hitachi M12SC yes
Hitachi M12V yes
Hitachi M12V2 yes
Hitachi M12VC yes
Hitachi M12VE yes
Hitachi TR8 yes
Hitachi TR12 yes
Hitachi ZK2008 yes
Holzher 2335 yes
Holzher 2336 yes
Holzher 2357 yes
Hongda Arges HDA1204 yes
Hongda Arges HDA1205 yes
Hongda HDA1204 yes
Hongda HDA1205 yes
Hulk Power Tools 2HP (US) yes
Hyundai HD-6000S yes
Hyundai RO-01 yes
Iskra ERO NR2-808A(E) yes
Iskra ERO NR9E yes
Iskra ERO NR808E yes
Iskra ERO NR1412E yes
JCB JCB-RO1500 yes
JCB PRT210J2 yes
JCBE PR12 yes
JCBE PR1105 yes
JCBE PR1200 yes
JCBE PR1216 yes
JCBE PR1217 yes
Jepson 7112 (US) yes
Jepson 7210 (US) yes
Jepson 7412 (US) yes
Kango R855OS yes
King Canada Tools 8367 yes
King Craft KBF-1200 yes
King Craft KBF-1800 yes
Kinzo 25C42 yes
Kinzo 25C44 yes
Kinzo 25C45 yes
Kinzo 25C46EP yes
Kinzo 44C240 yes
Kohakobo M1200E yes
Kress FM6955 yes
Kress OF6990E yes
Lektro (CK) LRT800 yes
Lucas LPT-PR-0312 yes
Lynx RT-800-A yes
MacAllister COD127R yes
MacAllister COD1500R yes
MacAllister COD2050R yes
MacAllister MER1500 yes
MacAllister MRO1200 yes
MacAllister MRO1500 yes
MacAllister PRT120M yes
Mafell L050E yes
Mafell L065EC yes
Makita 3600B yes
Makita 3601B yes
Makita 3606 (US) yes
Makita 3612(C) yes
Makita 3612BR yes
Makita 3620 yes
Makita 3621 (US) yes
Makita 3700B (US) yes
Makita Maktec MT360 (AUS) yes
Makita RD1100 (US) yes
Makita RD1101 (US) yes
Makita RF1100 (US) yes
Makita RF1101 (US) yes
Makita RP0900 yes
Makita RP0910 yes
Makita RP1101 (US) yes
Makita RP1110C yes
Makita RP1800 (US) yes
Makita RP1801X yes
Makita RP2301FCX yes
Makita RT0700CX2 yes
Marksman 1020W yes
Marksman 67051C yes
Master Craft 1020W yes
Master Mechanic 584134 yes
Max Power ER-1250 yes
Max Pro MIR-KW02-12 yes
Mckeller MCKM05 yes
Mckeller MCKT06 yes
MCS Depot MCT1137 (US) yes
Meister Craft MOF1300 yes
Metabo OF508 yes
Metabo OF528 yes
Metabo OF1028 yes
Metabo OF1612 yes
Metabo OFE10 yes
Metabo OFE738 yes
Metabo OFE1229 yes
Metabo OFE1812 yes
Mica 1020W yes
Millers Falls PT4801 (AUS) yes
Milwaukee 5615-20 (US) yes
Milwaukee 5616-20 (US)...pls email for more info yes
Milwaukee 5619-20 (US) yes
Milwaukee 5620 (US) yes
Milwaukee 5625-20 (US) yes
Milwaukee 5625-29 (US) yes
Milwaukee 5660 (US) yes
Milwaukee 5680 (US) yes
Milwaukee OFS800 yes
Milwaukee OFSE1000 yes
MLCS Marvel 40 (9059) (US) yes
MLCS Marvel 60 (US) yes
Narex EFH 36 yes
Narex EFH 36-E9 yes
National Wholesale Tools ELE-R2-UL (US) yes
NDV AT90D01 (AUS) yes
Neiko 2HP (US) yes
Nordex NOF850 yes
NRG EPR606VA (AUS) yes
Nu-Tool HP6 yes
Nu-Tool MNPC900 yes
Nu-Tool MPK1200 yes
Nu-Tool MPK2050 yes
Nu-Tool NPK1020 yes
Nu-Tool NPK1802 yes
Nu-Tool NPT102 yes
Nu-Tool NPT850 yes
Nu-Tool PXPC1050 yes
Nu-Tool XP12 yes
Nupower Evolution NPE6 yes
Osaki XR1020 yes
Ozito PRG-621V (US) yes
Ozito ROU-7100 yes
Parkside 1300W yes
PBX1100W yes
Performance Power (B&Q) FMTC1020R yes
Performance Power (B&Q) MX1050K yes
Performance Power (B&Q) NLE900R YES yes
Performance Power (B&Q) NLE1020R yes
Performance Power (B&Q) NLH1020R yes
Performance Power (B&Q) UB1020WR yes
Performance Pro (B&Q) CLM127R yes
Performance Pro (B&Q) CLM1250R yes
Performance Pro (B&Q) CLM1250R >11/03 yes
Performance Pro (B&Q) CLM1250RD yes
Performance Pro (B&Q) CLM2050R yes
Performance Pro (B&Q) COD1500R yes
Performance Pro (B&Q) PRO1020 yes
Performance Pro (B&Q) TTECH TT/R127 yes
Perles OF2-808(E) yes
Perles OF3-808(RE) yes
Perles OF9(E) yes
Perles OF808(E) yes
Perles Perles OF808(E) >99 yes
Peugeot DEF570E yes
Peugeot DF55E yes
Peugeot TDF800 yes
Peugeot TF630 yes
Phiolent M2-620E yes
Porter Cable 100 (US) yes
Porter Cable 162-M (US) yes
Porter Cable 309 (US) yes
Porter Cable 310 (US yes
Porter Cable 630 (US) yes
Porter Cable 690 (US) yes
Porter Cable 691 (US) yes
Porter Cable 693 (US) yes
Porter Cable 694VK (US) yes
Porter Cable 891 (US) no
Porter Cable 892 (US) no
Porter Cable 893PK (US) yes
Porter Cable 894PK (US) yes
Porter Cable 894PK Plunge (US) no
Porter Cable 895PK (US) no
Porter Cable 5202 (US) yes
Porter Cable 7518 (US) yes
Porter Cable 7519 (US) yes
Porter Cable 7529 no
Porter Cable 7537 (US) yes
Porter Cable 7538 yes
Porter Cable 7539 yes
Porter Cable 8529 (US) yes
Porter Cable 9290 (US) yes
Porter Cable 9690 (US) yes
Porter Cable 97529 (US) yes
Positec USA MM584134 (US) yes
Power Craft DBS-1050N yes
Power Craft PBF-1050N yes
Power Craft PBF-1200 yes
Power Devil PDW5026 yes
Power Devil PDW5027 yes
Power Devil PDW5037PRA yes
Power Devil PDW5038PR yes
Power Lisa M1R-12 yes
Power M1R-KW07-12 yes
Power Master M1R-8TH yes
Power Plus (Varo) 105012E yes
Power Plus (Varo) POW160 yes
Power Plus (Varo) POW162X yes
Power Plus (Varo) X091 yes
Power Plus (Varo) X093 yes
Power Up (Toya) 79349 yes
Powerbase Excel (Homebase) 1250W yes
Powerbase Excel (Homebase) PBX1020RT yes
Powerbase Excel (Homebase) PBX1100RT yes
Powerbase Excel (Homebase) PBX1500RT yes
Powr Kraft TEB8553A (US) yes
Pro Work OFJ850 yes
Proxxon 28568 yes
raftsman (Sears) 315.17518 (US) yes
Rebir FM2-900 yes
Red Box Tools RBT-2253 (US) yes
Rhino 700W yes
Ridgid R2400 (US) yes
Ridgid R29301 (US) yes
Robsecure STE1038-15 yes
Rockwell 64B (US) yes
Rockwell 100 yes
Rockwell 150 yes
Rockwell 5372 yes
Rockwell 5372 EHD yes
Rockwell RK5057 (US) yes
Rockworth 1200W yes
Rockworth APR1200 yes
ROK 1200W (AUS) yes
ROK 1800W (AUS) yes
Ryobi CC1801M yes
Ryobi ERT1150V yes
Ryobi ERT1150VN yes
Ryobi ERT1400RV yes
Ryobi ERT1500V yes
Ryobi ERT2100V yes
Ryobi ERT2100VHG yes
Ryobi P600 yes
Ryobi R30 (US) yes
Ryobi R50 (US) yes
Ryobi R150 yes
Ryobi R151 yes
Ryobi R155 yes
Ryobi R161 (US) yes
Ryobi R163 yes
Ryobi R175 (US) yes
Ryobi R230 (US) yes
Ryobi R330N (US) yes
Ryobi R331 (US) yes
Ryobi R500 yes
Ryobi R500N yes
Ryobi R501 (US) yes
Ryobi R502 yes
Ryobi R600 yes
Ryobi R600N yes
Ryobi RE120 yes
Ryobi RE155K yes
Ryobi RE180PL yes
Ryobi RE600 yes
Ryobi RE600N yes
Ryobi RE601 yes
Scaini PRO1200 yes
Scheer HM4 yes
Scheer HM9 yes
Scheer HM14 yes
Scheer HM16 yes
Scheer HM18E yes
Scheer HM25E yes
Schneider SCHPT12B yes
Schopfer ER1251E yes
Sealey SR1000 yes
Serva SRO-1200 yes
Shars 11AMP (US) yes
Silverline 196522 yes
Silverline 264895 yes
Silverline 282611 yes
Silverline 445662 yes
Silverline 464910 yes
Silverline 762170 yes
Silverline 783111 yes
Silverline (Silverstorm) 124799 yes
Silverline AT3305 yes
Silverline Hi-Spec 245086 yes
Silverline Hi-Spec 282397 yes
Silverline Hi-Spec 675059 yes
SIP 1500W yes
Skil 295 (US) yes
Skil 297 (US) yes
Skil 1322-00 (US) yes
Skil 1810-01 (US) yes
Skil 1815-04 (US) yes
Skil 1820-04 (US) yes
Skil 1823 (US) yes
Skil 1825-04 (US) yes
Skil 1830 yes
Skil 1833MB yes
Skil 1835-44 Classic yes
Skil 1835U yes
Skil 1840 (US) yes
Skil 1845-02 (US) yes
Skil 1870 (US) yes
Skil 1875U1 yes
Sparky X52E yes
Sparky X52E>2008 yes
Sparky X75CE yes
Sparky X105CE yes
Sparky X150CE yes
Sparky X205CE yes
Stanley 264 (US) yes
Stanley 267 yes
Stanley 290 yes
Stanley 292 yes
Stanley 1045 yes
Stanley 90305B & 90205M (US) yes
Stanley H258-A (US) yes
Stanley R22 yes
Stanley R51 yes
Stayer PR1 yes
Stern ER850 yes
Stern ER1020 yes
Stern ER1200 yes
Stern ER1250 yes
Strima (Striffler) 652 yes
Strima (Striffler) 6702 yes
Strima (Striffler) 8400 yes
Strima (Striffler) 8500 yes
Strima (Striffler) 8700 yes
Task Force 1314 yes
TD 1 1/2 HP yes
TD 1 1/8HP yes
Technum DF1800 yes
Titan RT1500XP yes
Titan TTB292ROU yes
Titan TTB591ROU yes
Torino Lamborghini 634010 yes
Towa R-200 (Japan) yes
Tradetools Direct TTD1200ER yes
TREND T3 yes
TREND T4 yes
TREND T5 yes
TREND T9 yes
TREND T10 yes
TREND T11 yes
Trovex TROF 1500E-B yes
Valex F1000E yes
Valex F1250C yes
Vander Europe VBER414 yes
Virutex FR66F yes
Virutex FR77C yes
Virutex FR78C yes
Virutex FR160P yes
Virutex FR277R yes
Virutex FR278R yes
Virutex FRE317S yes
Wadkin R500 yes
Wegoma OF850(E) yes
Wegoma Z81 yes
Wickes 900W yes
Wickes 1200W yes
Wickes 1200W New yes
Wickes 1500W yes
Wickes 1650W yes
Wolf 1200W (10074) yes
Wolf 100503 yes
Worx WU600 yes
Worx WX15RT yes
Yamato ER1100 yes
Yukon Tool YTP35 (MIR-KAS-23) yes
Yukon Tool YTPR110 (M1R-KA2-8)yes
FAQ, Hints & Tips

My router cutter does not sit centrally in the CRB’s base plate letterbox – Is this a problem?
No It’s not a problem – Providing the outer edge of the cutter clears the parameter of the base plate letterbox. It does not affect the performance of the CRB.

The rods of the CRB have a smaller diameter than the rods of my router – Will the CRB still work with my router?
The short answer is yes, the CRB MkIII includes 2 sets of rods with different diameters 2 x 9/32” (7mm) and 2 x 5/16” (8mm) This allows the CRB7 MkIII to fit a larger range of different makes and models of router. It is recommended to fit the largest rod diameters that the router base will allow. As the closer the fit between rod and router base rod drilling minimizes the router tracking or crabbing on the baseplate when using the micro adjuster.
There are also accessory rods available with larger diameters for routers with even larger base rod drillings These are available on the following link or please ask your stockist and M.Power would be more than happy to supply them through your favorite store.
2 x 24/64” (10mm) rods
2 x 15/32” (12mm) rods
It’s important during set up to ensure that the CRB rods are set up precisely so that the bottom of the CRB rods rest exactly at the bottom the router base rod drillings. It’s also important to use 2 x spanners when tightening and locking the Adjuster rod in position on the bridge. Using just a single spanner can rotate the rod and cranked plate assembly out of alignment.

I’m confused which CRB7 model have I got?
You can identify the models by checking the following details:
The MkI includes a shim kit to adjust the bridge height and also has black dia 5/16” (8mm) rods and no cranked plates.
The MkII has cranked plates fitted between the 2 x main rods and the bridge and no shim kit – The rods can be either dia 9/32” (7mm) or dia 5/16” (8mm).
The MkIII includes 2 sets of rods dia 9/32” (7mm) or dia 5/16” (8mm) and a Large Compass Kit.

I have a large router usually fitted to a router table. Will the CRB still work with it?
Yes it will, however due to the heavier weight of the router and in some cases much larger rods and rod drillings, There may be increased resistance when the router moves across the CRB baseplate when using the micro adjuster. Larger diameter rods improve this movement and reduce the chance of tracking.
Measure the rod drillings in the base of the router in order to ascertain which of the Larger accessory rods to order.
2 x 24/64” (10mm) rods
2 x 15/32” (12mm) rods

Why is the Micro Adjuster stiff to turn when my router is mounted on the CRB, but easy to turn when the router is taken off?
This can be caused when setting up the CRB to your router. It is very important to use 2 x spanners when tightening and locking the Adjuster rod in position. Using a single spanner can rotate the rod and cranked plate assembly out of alignment. Altering the rods position relative to the router-base rod drilling and setting up tension between router and CRB, which in-turn creates a stiff Micro Adjuster. Larger heavier routers will make the micro adjustment stiffer.

I’m finding the instruction manual quite difficult to follow. We’re sorry for any confusion caused by the complicated nature of the instruction manual. It is in part due to the number of functions and the numerous variations of set-up for the many different routers that the CRB fits. We have produced a Computer generated demonstration video which shows initial set up and goes through all the functions. Customers have said this has been helpful in their understanding of the tool.

Is the plastic protective coating/covering on the bottom of the router base meant to be peeled off before use?
Its only there for protection of the Baseplate during manufacture and assembly and is designed to be removed before use. Some people do leave it on as long as possible however its only temporary.

Can you tell me what router bit type would be recommended to use with the liptrim kit when finishing off glue on edging?
A straight flute with a diameter larger than the edge your gluing is good. Although I prefer a bowl bit as it reduces the chance of break out.


Essential cutter height test
It’s very important to set up and test the cutter height prior to a trimming session. Before setting the cutter height; ensure that the test area is clear and flat. An initial cutter height can be set by sliding a piece of thick paper between the bottom of the cutter and the test workpiece. Then after the cutter height is locked in. Lift the router and CRB away from the surface before turning it on. Do not rely on releasing the plunge mechanism – turning it on – and replunging. As there is sufficent play within the plunge mechanism of the router to return the cutter to a slightly different height and introducing the chance of damaging the workpiece. Even between trimming sessions – Always test the cutter height on a test piece to avoid costly damage.

Trimming hardwood lipping on all 4 sides
Should the hardwood lipping be glued to all 4 sides of a workpiece i.e a table top. Remove the Tracer racer and work in from both of the flat sides either side of the workpiece into the corner. That way the riser pad is given sufficient clearance to flush the corners too.

To improve the process of deep range dado-ing, still further fit the CRB7’s 2″ offset bridge handle. This locates the operators guiding hand almost directly over the board edge; smoothing out the routing pass and removing the chance of racking/juddering between the Edge guide and router.

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Customer Reviews

James Walker (verified owner)

I’ve looked at these router jigs for so many years. And finally took the plunge and purchased it. My only regret is not buying it sooner. It’s brilliant. So very impressive with the full bundle kit with two bags to keep it all in. It’s so easy to use especially with my palm router. Hopefully I’ll be purchasing another one in near future as very handy jig indeed. Well worth the money at bundle price. Ps customer services for mpower is also awesome.

Lewis Alexander

I’m a blind cabinet maker and joiner based in the UK. For many years I’ve used hand held routers to a certain size, anything bigger than 1600w like the big makitas or anything like that were bench mounted. I’ve produced many jigs and bases, had to alter included rails to make them more comfortable for my needs, but I found myself still, at times struggling on certain applications, so work had to be done on router tables or spindle moulders. I recently heard about the CRB7 and after taking this amazing product on, I can officially say that it is a HUGE GAME CHANGER for me. I use this in conjunction with a hikoki 36v cordless router now for a rather exciting build and it’s such a breath of fresh air, I’m not frightened of starting edge cuts and I can successfully notch mill, mortise, trench cut and so much more with this amazing too. I can’t thank you guys enough for producing a miracle of a tool and I can’t wait to find out what else you can achieve. You’ve got me now as a life long M-Power products user. I work purely by feel, though assistive technologies do play a large and vital part of life, tactility in woodworking is essential. Having certain tools and machinery that make such a difference means I can perform complex or repetitive applications with ease. The CRB7 outfit does this and more. I spent years not just as a woodworker, but also as a tooling solutions designer, working on solutions to change how I work for the better and encouraging others like me to do more. I can’t wait to encourage others to purchase this. I’d compare this to necessities like breathing, eating, bread, etc. so there you go folks. Now I can build the instrument I’ve been developing for over 4 years now and the CRB7 will change my workflows for the better.