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600# Fine Finish – Parallel Diamond Stone

600# Grade Diamond Stone


At 600 Grit, you’ll achieve a fine finish using this diamond stone, it’s designed to take your already fine finish up another notch.
The new Bar Recess pattern is designed specifically for the lateral action of FASTTRACK Sharpeners. The unique interrupted clearance or evacuation channels now run top to bottom when in position. Combined with a lubricant and good old gravity and the sharpening swarf drains from the surface more quickly which in turn keeps the stone cleaner for longer maintaining abrasive rates.

Use with FASTTRACK Mk1 or FASTTRACK Knife Sharpener.
FASTTRACK Mk2 owners, please see the Angled Fine Finishing Stone accessory,




FASTTRACK MK1 Chisel Sharpener
FASTTRACK Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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