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M Power’s flat lying trammel set (FLTS) makes marking your carving a snap. The locking trammels securely hold a pencil and attach to any ruler, making it easy to go from drawing centerlines on a carving to marking in a chip carving grid.

The FLTS is based on M Power’s popular Tri-scribe.

The FLTS comes with two locking trammels, a pencil, scribe, and cutting blade. I usually clamp the trammel on my combination square. That way, I can use the long arm of the square against the edge of my blank and the trammel, when locked in place, holds the pencil without me fumbling around trying to hold the square and the pencil at the same time. The long arm of the square allows me to redraw a centerline onto a blank I’ve been carving.

When it comes to adding a grid to a blank, whether it’s for a chip carving or to help you draw an enlarged pattern, the FLTS is the most useful tool I’ve found. You can use both trammels to draw two parallel lines at one time, which halves the time it takes you to draw in a grid.